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Sharper than a serpents tooth

August 2, 2014

I was so full of hope for what seemed so long after my last post regarding my daughter. Sometimes life has a way of just moving forward and wasting your time while you think things are getting better. Then you find out they are getting worse.
I know I can only answer for and control myself, but having no influence on a daughter I have spent the last 21 years loving and helping and loving more.
It has come to the end. She and her boyfriend have to move out to maintain my and my husbands sanity.
There is no sharing of confidences on her part, only accusations of not doing enough for her.
Now I have been told I am a disgusting human being for all that I have done for her as I cannot just keep doing for her and hoping some day she will turn into a decent human being.
I have prayed on my knees, begging God to help for so long I can’t remember. So far he hasn’t answered me.
Now she wants nothing to do with me, ever, and I will never see my soon to be grandchild.
I’ve been played for a fool for so long.
There is no hope that I can feel now.
I am so tired I feel like I am centuries old.
The old depression is coming back with a vengeance but I don’t want to go to the hospital again, there are no pills to fix this.
“How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have an ungrateful child”
Perhaps enough to die from that bite…

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  1. Sometimes tough love is the best love although it hurts us as parents….as long as there is life, there is still hope….remember there is NOTHING too hard for our God who stepped out on nothingness and spoke into nothingness and created order out of total chaos….no matter the situation, He has the final say. You’ve seem to have done all you can, now turn it over to Him and rest in Him….it’s His turn……He loves all of you.

    • Thank you Kim. You are so right about turning it all over to God at this point and know that he will do things in his own time. My relationship with my daughter has immeasurably improved of late. My beautiful grand daughter is now almost five months old and perfect 🙂 She and her boyfriend continue to have money problems and problems finding a decent place to live as he has a felony record. But he is working hard so I have to give him that. And I believe now that things happen for a reason. Following the birth of her daughter, my daughter began to view the world differently and is an amazing Mom. I shall do my best now to “rest in Him”.

      • That is wonderful to hear Patti……God is good…\o/.…and He is at work….:)

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